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Human Capital Management Book for MBA 2nd Semester Bangalore University

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Buy Latest Human Capital Management Book for Mba 2nd Semester in English language specially designed for BU ( Bangalore University, Karnataka) By Thakur publication.

ISBN- 978-93-5163-449-2

Authors : Prof. Deepak Singh , Ms. Jijabai R Dateer, Silambarasi Raja 



Course Code: 2.4



Module 1: Introduction to HRM                                                                                                  8 Hours

Human Resource Philosophy – Changing environments of HRM – Using HRM to  Attain Competitive Advantage – Trends in HRM – Organisation of HR Departments – Line and Stafffunctions – Role of HR Managers-Contemporary Issues and Practices in HRM, Changing Concept of HRM in India and in the Globe.



Module 2: Human Capital Planning and Employee Hiring                                                       12 Hours

Nature of job Analysis, Job Design, Job Evaluation, Human Resource Planning,  Demand Forecasting, HR Supply Forecasting, Need for and Factors Influencing HRP,  Career Planning, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion and Separation; Employee Hiring[1]Nature of Recruitment, Sources of Recruitment-Internal and External, Employee Selection, Process of Employee Selection.


Module 3: HR Development                                                                                                      10 Hours

Orientation & Training: Orienting the Employees, Nature and Importance of Training,  Methods of Training, TNA, Nature of HRD Program, Methods of Management  Development and Executive Development Programs, Development Beyond Training, Contemporary HRD Practices


Module 4: Performance Appraisal                                                                                             10 Hours

Methods - Problem and Solutions - The Appraisal Interviews - Performance Appraisal in Practice. Managing Careers: Career Planning and Development - Managing Promotions, Demotion, Transfers and Separation.


Module 5: Industry Relations                                                                                                     12 Hours

Employer, Employee, Rights of an Employee at Work Place. HR Policy- Meaning and Its Importance. Legal Issues Related to HR in the Organisation. Compensation Act, 1923-TheWorkmen's Compensation Act, 1923- Introduction, Main Features of the Act, Definitions, Provisions Under the Act


Module 6: Strategic HRM                                                                                                            8 Hours

Introduction, Characteristics and Scope of SHRM, SHRM Vs HRM, Barriers to Strategic HRM, Linking HR Strategy with Business Strategy, SHRM and Business Performance.

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