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Entrepreneurship and Ethics Book for MBA 2nd Semester Bangalore University

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Buy Latest Entrepreneurship and Ethics  Book for Mba 2nd Semester in English language specially designed for BU ( Bangalore University, Karnataka) By Thakur publication.

ISBN- 978-93-5480-499-1

Authors : Dr. Badrinath M.N , Dr. Vankatesh S Shastry  , Shridevi M



Course Code: 2.3



Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship                                                                               8 Hours

Concepts of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, Importance and Characteristics of Entrepreneurs, Types of Entrepreneurs, Benefits and Potential Risks of Entrepreneurship, Myths of Entrepreneurship, Factors Affecting Growth of Entrepreneurship in India, Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development, Competency Requirement for entrepreneurs - Awareness of Self-Competency and its Development.


Module 2: Opportunity Assessment and Entrepreneurial Finance                                          10 Hours

Opportunity Identification and Selection, Environmental Dynamics and Changes, Business Opportunities in Emerging Environment, Challenges of New Venture Start-ups, Pit Falls in Selecting New Ventures, Critical Factors for New Venture Development, why New Ventures Fail, Sources of Finance for New Venture. Institutional Support for Enterprises-Central & State Government Policy Regarding Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in India.


Module 3: Feasibility Analysis and Business plan                                                                    12 Hours

Feasibility Analysis of Industry, Market, Product or Service and Finance; Business Plan Meaning, Significance, Contents, Formulation and Presentation of Business Plan, Preparing a Model Project Report for Starting a New Venture, Final Project Report with Feasibility Study Common Errors in Business Plan Formulation.


Module 4: Legal Forms of Entrepreneurial Organisations                                                       10 Hours

Identifying Legal Structures, Selection of an Appropriate Legal Structure, Sole Proprietorship's, Partnerships, Companies, Companies under Section 25, Franchising, Legal Environment – Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks.


Module 5: Social Entrepreneurship                                                                                              8 Hours

Introduction, Meaning, Perspective of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship in Practice, Boundaries of Social Entrepreneurship, Growth of Entrepreneur Communities, Few Experiments.


Module 6: Corporate Ethics                                                                                                       12 Hours

Meaning and Need for Business Ethics, Arguments for and Against Business Ethics, Business Ethics in an Evolving Environment, Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Culture, Ethical Issues in Start–up, Ethics and Laws, Establishing Strategy for Ethical Responsibility, Approaches to Managerial Ethics, Ethics and Business Decisions, Frame Work for Ethical Decision Making, Why Ethics Still Matter, Becoming an Ethical Professional , Making a Difference in the Business World, CSR, Environmental Awareness, Ethical Leadership by Entrepreneurs, Corporate Citizenship.


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