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Suriya Kala Pala, Y.V. Sheshadri & Muralidhar V.


Bangalore University-BU, MBA, Fourth Semester
Module 1: Introduction                                                         10 Hours
Introduction to Marketing in the Digital Environment, Types of Web Presence, Common e-Commerce Business Models, Pure Play, Hybrid and Multi-Channel Options. Media Options Online, Fulfilment Options and Strategies, Introduction to Payment Gateways and PayPal.
Module 2: Digital Marketing Research                                   10 Hours
Audience Profiling and Segmentation, Internet Usage Patterns ,Post Internet Consumer Behaviour and Understanding Buyer Behaviour Online, Pillars of Direct Marketing, Online Research and Behaviour Tracking Methods, Introduction to Behavioural Targeting. Online Surveys, Blog Mining, Data Mining, Building Customer Profiles using Navigation and Sales Data, Competitor Analysis Online, Integrating Online and Offline Strategies.
Module 3: Search Engine Marketing                                      10 Hours
Email Campaign Creation and Management, Google Adwords, Search and Display on Search Engines, Pricing Models Online, Introduction to Page Rankings, Google Adwords Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Process and Methodology, Long Tail in SEO, Link Building, Key Word Analysis, Process and Optimization. Search Engine Marketing – Paid versus Natural Search, SEM Landscape, Landing Pages and their Importance in Conversion Analysis, Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo. Search Methodology.
Module 4: Social Media and e-PR                                          10 Hours
Using Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, You tube including Creating a Channel on You Tube, Content Guidelines for Online Communications, Social Media Measuring, Monitoring & Reporting, Tracking & Monitoring Platforms. Content Seeding, How to Use Blogs, Forums and Discussion Boards, Blogs, Forums and Communities, Viral Campaigns and the Social Graph. Building Relationships with Different Stakeholders Online.
Module 5: Online Reputation Management                              8 Hours
Introduction to Online Reputation Management, Importance of Managing Online Reputation for a Business, Strategies and Tools of Online Reputation Management, Handling Negative Comments.
Module 6: Recent Trends                                                         8 Hours
Localization of Content and Advertising. Marketing using mobile Networks, Evolution of Indian Banking Industry – Journey from Brick and Mortar to Mobile Banking, Consumer Engagement – Meaning and Methods.
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