International Financial Management


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Dr. C. Sivashanmugam & Prof. Sangeetha E. Nikkam

ISBN - 9789351638759

Bangalore University-BU, MBA, Fourth Semester
Module 1: Global Financial Management                         10 Hours
Evolution of International Monetary System, Bimetallism, Classical Gold Standard, Interwar Period, Bretton Woods System, Flexible Exchange Rate Regime, The current Exchange Rate Agreements, European Monetary System, Fixed vs. Flexible Exchange Rate Regime.
Module 2: Balance of Payments                                          5 Hours
Introduction, Accounting Principles in Balance of Payments, Valuation and Timing, Components of the Balance of Payments, ‘Surplus’ and ‘Deficit’ in Balance of Payments, Importance and limitations of BOP Statistics, Relationship of BOP with other economic variables.
Module 3: International Financial Markets                        5 Hours
Motives for using International Financial Markets. Foreign Exchange Market – History and Transactions, interpreting Foreign Exchange Quotations, International Money Markets, International Credit Markets and International Bond Markets. Comparison of International Financial Markets.
Module 4: Exchange Rate Determination                           8 Hours
Purchasing Power Parity Theory, Interest Rate Parity Theory, International Fischer’s Effect, Pure Expectations Theory.
Module 5: Foreign Exchange Risk and Risk Hedging Strategies
18 Hours
Transaction Risk, Translation Risk, Economic Risk. Risk Hedging Strategies: Internal – Netting, Leads and Lags. External – Forwards, Futures, Options, Money-market Hedging, Currency Swaps.
Module 6: Interest Rate Risk and Risk Hedging Strategies
10 Hours
Interest Rate Swaps, Forward Rate Agreements, Interest Rate Futures, Interest Rate Options, Caps, Floors and Collars, Swaption.
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