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AUTHORS: Dr. Venkatesh S Shastry , Shruthy Hrita A R 

ISBN : 9789357553728



4.9.1.: Supply Chain Planning & Strategies


Module 1: Resource Planning and Scheduling                                          10 Hours

Introduction to Sales and Operations Planning - Purpose of Sales and Operations Plans - Decision Context - Sales and Operations Planning as a Process - Overview of Decision Support Tools, Enterprise Resource Planning - Planning and Control Systems for Manufacturers – Materials Requirement Planning - Drum – Buffer – Rope System – Scheduling - Scheduling Service and Manufacturing Processes - Scheduling Customer Demand - Scheduling Employees - Operations Scheduling.


Module 2: Supply Chain Strategy Design                                                   10 Hours

Supply Chain Design Theory- Matching Supply Chain Requirements and Capabilities, Lean Concepts in Supply Chain Management, Agile Concepts in Supply Chain Management, Comparing Lean and Agile Supply Systems. Comparing Lean, Hybrid and Agile Supply Chains.


Module 3: Static Theory of Supply Chain Management                              8 Hours

Performance Indicators- Efficiency, Responsiveness, Firm Performance, Trade-Offs of Performance, Supply Chain Strategies- Efficiency Oriented, Responsiveness Oriented, Hybrid Strategies Ideal & Real Supply Chain Strategies.


Module 4: Supply Chain Measurement and Challenges                           10 Hours

Business Metrics, Types of Supply Metrics & Measurement, Importance of Alignment between Business Goal and Supply Metrics, Issues Faced by Distribution Network, Distribution Strategies, Quality Management, Six Sigma Metrics, Total Quality Management, Fishbone Analysis.


Module 5: Green Supply Chain Management

Introduction, Traditional Supply Chain and Green Supply Chain, Environmental Concern and Supply Chain, Closed-Loop Supply Chain, Corporate Environmental Management, Green Supply Chain (GSCM): Definition, Basic Concepts, GSCM Practices. Case Studies.


Module 6: Green Logistics

Green Logistics and Transportation, Definitions of Green Logistics, Critical Drivers of Green Logistics, Green Transportation and Logistics Practices, Environmental Impacts of Transportation and Logistics, Closing the Loop: Reverse Logistics. Case Studies.

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