International Business Dynamics


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Dr. L.R.S. Mani & Dr. S. Manjunath

ISBN - 9789351638735

Bangalore University-BU, MBA, Fourth Semester
Module 1: Introduction                                                                                 10 Hours
Evolution, Drivers and Challenges of IB as Compared to Domestic Business, National and Organizational Competitive Advantage Over the World, Active Players in Multinational Business.
The International Environment of IB - Political, Legal, Technological, Cultural, Demographic and Economic Environment. Cross-cultural Management, Levels of Culture, Models to Aid International Managers.
Module 2: Globalisation                                                                                  8 Hours
Routes of Globalisation, Modes of International Business-Organizing International Business – International Designs, Factors Influencing Choice of a Design, Issues in Organization Design. Conflict Management, Reconciliation, Adjudication and Arbitration Issues, Supporting Institutions, Negotiations.
Module 3: WTO and Trading Blocks                                                          8 Hours
WTO and LPG policies, Its Implications onIndia— Regional Trade Blocks, Integration between countries, levels of integration and impact of integration. International strategic alliances, nature, benefits, pitfalls, scope, how to make alliances work.
Module 4: Global Trade and Investment                                                  10 Hours
Theories of global trade and investment, Mercantilism, theory of Absolute Advantage, theory of Comparative Advantage, Factor Endowment theory, Product Life Cycle Theory, Porter’s National Competitive Advantage. FDI- in World Economy, Horizontal and Vertical FDI, Benefits of FDI to home and Host Country. FDI- Indian Scenario. EXIM TRADE- Export and Import Financing, Export Marketing, EXIM Policy, Balance of Payments. Roles of Institutions Connected with EXIM Trade.
Module 5: Global Ethics and E-Commerce                                             10 Hours
Social Responsibility and Ethical Issues in International Business – National Differences in Ethics and Social Responsibility, Codes of Conduct for MNC’s. Global E-Business- Conceptual Analysis, Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Business, E-commerce inIndia.
Module 6: Global Business Operations                                                     10 Hours
Global- Operations Management and Competitive Advantage, Strategic Issues in Operations Management, (Manufacturing Management, Logistics Management and Procuring), Technology transfers – Issues Arising out of Technology Transfers.
Marketing Management, Benefits of International Markets, Major Activities in International Marketing Human Resource Management: Approaches, Expatriation and Repatriation Process, Training, Compensation, Industrial Relations.
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