Marketing Management

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ISBN - 978-93-5480-689-6

Authors - Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla , Mr. Shaswat Bajpai 



Unit 1:                                                                                           (14 Hours)

Introduction: Marketing - Meaning, Scope and Importance; Concepts, Philosophies of Marketing; Marketing Environment: Macro and Micro Environmental Factors. Consumer Decision Making Process; Market Segmentation- Levels and Bases of Segmenting Consumer Markets, Market Targeting- Concept and Criteria, Product Positioning – Concept and Bases

Unit 2:                                                                                           (14 Hours)                                                                                                                  

Marketing Mix Decision – Product and Pricing: Product Decisions: Concept and Classification; Levels of Product. Product Strategies; Branding Decisions; New Product Development; Product Life Cycle; Pricing Decisions: Objectives; Factors Affecting Pricing; Pricing Methods; Pricing Strategies

Unit 3:                                                                                           (14 Hours)

Marketing Mix Decisions -Promotion and Distribution: Distribution Decisions: Channels of Distribution- Types and Functions. Delivering Value- Factors Affecting Choice of Distribution Channel; Channel Management; Promotion Decisions: Communication Process; Decision about Promotion Mix Tools:  Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Publicity and Direct Marketing; Integrated Marketing Communication Approach.

Unit 4:                                                                                           (14 Hours)

Introduction to Emerging Trends in Marketing: Relationship Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Role of AI and Robotics in Marketing, Ethical Issues in Marketing.

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