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 AECC- BTHU 103/18 English

Course Objective:

  • The objective of this course is to introduce students to the theory, fundamentals and tools of communication.
  • To help the students become the independent users of English language.
  • To develop in them vital communication skills which are integral to their personal, social and professional interactions.

Unit1- 1


1)      Theory of Communication

2)      Types and modes of Communication

Unit- 2

Language of Communication

1)      Verbal and Non-verbal

2)      (Spoken and Written)

3)      Personal, Social and Business

4)      Barriers and Strategies

5)      Intra-personal, Inter-personal and Group communication


Reading and Understanding

1)      Close Reading

2)      Comprehension

3)      Summary Paraphrasing

4)      Analysis and Interpretation

5)      Translation(from Hindi/Punjabi to English and vice-versa)

6)      Literary/Knowledge Texts


Writing Skills

1)      Documenting

2)      Report Writing

3)      Making notes

4)      Letter writing

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