Marketing Management


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Mrs. Veera Thakur, Mohd Farook Azam


Unit I

Marketing: Nature and Scope of Marketing, Customer Needs, Wants and Demand. Various Marketing Concepts: Production, Product, Selling, Marketing and Societal Marketing, Analyzing Marketing Environment: Micro, Macro Environment


Unit II

Market Segmentation: Need, Concept, Nature, Basis and Strategies, Mass Marketing vs. Segmentation.

Marketing Mix: 4Ps of Products and 7Ps of Services, Components and Factors Affecting Mix.


Unit III

Product Decisions: Product Definition, New Product Development Process, and Product Life Cycle, Positioning, Branding, Packaging and Labeling Decisions.

Pricing Decisions: Importance, Objectives, Designing Strategies, Pricing Techniques


Unit IV

Distribution: Types of Channel, Factors Affecting Decision, Designing and Managing Marketing Channel, Managing Retailing, Physical Distribution System and its Components.

Product Promotion: Promotion Mix-Introduction, Importance, Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Components and Factors Affecting. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications.

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