Organizational Behaviour


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Mrs. Tripti Singh Chowdhury, Mr Vikrant Verma


Unit I

Introduction: Meaning of Organisational Behaviour and its Relevance in Today’s Business Environment, Contributing Disciplines to Organisation Behaviour, Challenges and Opportunities for OB.

Individual Behaviour in Organisation: Foundations of Individual Behaviour, Factors Influencing Individual Behaviour.

Learning: Meaning, Characteristics and Theories: Classical Conditioning Theory, Operant Conditioning Theory, Social Learning Theory, Behaviour Modification.


Unit II

Perception: Nature, Importance, Perceptual Process, Factors Influencing Perception, Perceptual Errors.

Attitude: Meaning, Importance, Components and Types of Work Related Attitude.

Personality: Meaning, Determinants of Personality, Personality Traits.

Motivation: Meaning, Types of Motivation, Theories of Work Motivation Given by Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Vroom and Porter – Lawler.


Unit III

Group Behaviour in Organisation: Group Dynamics, Types of Groups, Group Development, Theories of Group Development, Group Norms and Roles, Group Cohesiveness,

Work Teams: Meaning, Characteristics, Types of Team, Creating Effective Team.

Leadership: Nature, Leadership Styles, Leadership Theories: Trait Theory and Behavioural Theories.


Unit IV

Conflict Management: Meaning, Types and Sources of Conflict, Process of Conflict Management, Approaches to Conflict Management.

Stress Management: Sources of Stress, Approaches for Stress Management.

Organisational Culture: Meaning, Concept, Types of Culture, Dimensions of Organisational Culture.


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