Consumer Behaviour


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Authors : Dr. Prabha Deena , Sridevi M , 

ISBN : 978-93-5480-725-1

Bangalore University, VTU, MBA Second 3rd Third Semester
Module-I                                                                              (8 Hours)
Introduction: The Scope and Importance of Consumer Behaviour, Concept, Diversity of Consumer Behaviour, Characteristics of Indian Consumers. Individual Determinants of Consumer Behaviour, Motivation, Personality and Self Concept, Consumer Perception, Consumer Learning, Consumer Attitude Formation and Change.
Module-II                                                                           (10 Hours)
Influences on the Consumer: Consumer Needs, Motives - Positive and Negative Motivation - Rational versus Emotional Motives. Consumer Relevant Reference Groups - Opinion Leaders - Family Decision Making and Consumption Related Roles - Family Life Cycle - Social Class and Consumer Behaviour - Influence of Culture on Consumer Behaviour - Cross Cultural Context. Diffusion of Innovations: the Diffusion and Adoption Process - Consumer Innovativeness and Personality Traits.
Module-III                                                                            (8 Hours)
Consumer Decision Making: Models of Consumer Decision Making - Engle-Kollatt Blackwell Model, Howard-Sheth Model, Bettman’s Model, HCB Model. Concept of Involvement, Extensive/Limited Problem Solving – Routinised Responsive Behaviour.
Module-IV                                                                            (8 Hours)
Post Purchase Behaviour: Consumer Satisfaction Concept & Models – Expectancy Disconfirmation, Desires Congruency Model, Equity Theory, Attribution Theory, Cognitive Dissonance, Consumer Delight, Consumer Complaint Behaviour.
Module-V                                                                           (12 Hours)
Consumerism: Evolution of Consumer Society. Definition of Consumerism, Buyers & Sellers Rights, Effects of Consumerism. Organisational Buying: Concept & Comparison with Consumer Buying, Economic Influence; Political Influence; Legal Influence; Supplier’s Influence; Technology Influence; Customer Influence; Government Influence; Labour Influence, Analysing Buyers’ Strengths & Negotiation Capabilities.
Module-VI                                                                          (10 Hours)
Organisational Influences on Buying Behaviour: Buying Roles; Market Response: The Buy Grid Model; The Organisational Buying Decision Process; Buying Tasks; Interpersonal Influencing in Organisational Buying.
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