Team Dynamics at Work


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Author : Dr. Manjunath S. , Prof. Deepak Singh MC

ISBN : 978-93-5480-723-7



Course Code: 3.5.2




Module 1: Introduction                                                   10 Hours

Team Composition, Formation of Teams and Development- Intra Team Dynamics -Inter Group Relations -Team Performance and Motivation-Team Conflict and Leadership-Team Decision Making, Group Dynamics, Dynamics of Teams and Team Building


Module 2: Leadership Team Decision Making             10 Hours

Leadership-Team Decision Making, Discovering the Interpersonal Orientation Through, Training Needs Analysis, STAR Team Model (Strengths, Teamwork, Alignment and Results), Experiential Learning Methodologies-T- Group Sensitivity Training, Encounter Groups Culture, Types of Culture in the Organisation, Culture, Discipline, Organisational Effectiveness in Creating Team Culture


Module 3: Talent Management                                       10 Hours

Elements, Benefits and Challenges of Talent Management System - Building Blocks of Talent Management: Competencies, Performance Management, Evaluating Employee Potential - Modern Practices in Talent Attraction, Selection, Retention and Engagement


Module 4: Groups                                                            10 Hours

Introduction to Groups, Nature of Groups, Stages of Group Development, Encounter Groups, Appreciative Enquiry, Discover the Facets of Interpersonal Trust Through Johari Window,
Communication Skills.


Module 5: Negotiation                                                       8 Hours

Introduction to Negotiation, Negotiation skills and strategies for team building, team morale, team building strategies at work place.

Module 6: Conflict and Stress                                         10 Hours

Nature of Conflict, Theories of Conflict, Work Place Conflict, Conflict Resolution in Teams, Competitive vs Collaborative Behaviour, Developing Collaboration. Work Stress and Stress Management

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