Emerging Technologies in Global Business Environment

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ISBN- 978-93-5480-275-1

Authors- Dr. Saroj Kumar , Mr. Dileep Singh 



Emerging Technologies in Global Business Environment

Unit 1: Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation                                                                       (6 Hours)

Meaning and Nature of Industry 4.0 and Latest Trends. Realignment in Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological Factors that are Driving Change in International Business Management, the Changing Nature of Globalization, The Changing nature of Regulatory Environment, Natural Environment, New Age Ethics. Overview of Digital Transformation.

Unit 2: Emerging Technologies as Drivers of Global Business                                                  (8 Hours)

Artificial Intelligence- Machine Learning, Deep Learning Singularity – Time Lines and Implication. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality and Applications. Block chain – Concepts and Industrial Applications, Challenges in Adopting Block Chain. Additive Manufacturing: Advantages and Disadvantages, New Applications of Additive Manufacturing, Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Supply Chain Management, Mass Customization and the Customer Experience. Introduction of Neuroscience in Business. Internet of Things (IoT).

Unit 3: New Age Economies                                                                                                        (8 Hours)

Circular Economy- Concept of Circular Economy, Difference between Linear and Circular Economy, Role of Circular Economy in Sustainable Business and Innovation. Behavioral Economics- Core Concepts of Behavioral Economics, Nudging and Choice Architecture, Ethical Concerns of Behavioral Economics. Economic Nationalism -Nature of Economic Nationalism, Contemporary Cases in Economic Nationalism, Future of Economic Integration. Sharing Economy – New Business Models , Characteristics, Difference Between Platforms and Traditional Business Models, Different Types of Platforms, Implications on Future of Work.

Unit 4: Changing Natures of Global Politics                                                                              (6 Hours)

Identity Politics – Issues & Challenges, The Rise of Authoritarianism and what that Means for Geo Politics, Reviving Democratic Ideals, The Rise of China and its Impact on Global Trade.

Unit 5: Social, Cultural and Global Challenges                                                                          (8 Hours)

Diversity of Different Generations in the Workplace, Issue of Inter-Generational Equity. Migration – Political, Economic and Human Rights Perspective, the Migrant Crisis in the EU.

Climate Change – Political Dimensions of Climate Change, Plight and Issue of Climate Refugees, Sustainable Development Goals. Rising Inequality: Historical Context of Inequality and Social Unrest, Global Inequality, Social and Economic Reforms. Privacy in the Digital World – Complexity of Privacy Issues, Basics of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Importance of Personal Data, Existential Threats – Five Types of Risks Associated with AI , Need for New Age Ethics .

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