Human Resource Management


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ISBN- 978-93-90972-65-4

Authors- Dr. Iranna S. Bhustali, Prof. Mallikarjun Dalal


DSC-202- Human Resource Management

UNIT – I: Introduction to Human Resource Management and Environment         12 Hours

Functions of Human Resource Management. Managerial and Operative Role of Human Resource Management. Personnel Management vs. Human Resource Management – Strategic Management Approach. The Role of Globalisation in HR Policy and Practice.

UNIT – II: Acquiring Human Resources                          12 Hours

Human Resource Planning and Alignment – Job Analysis and Design. Job Description, Job Specification and Job Evaluation, Job- Restructuring – Job Rotation, Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment. Recruitment and Selection – Placement – Induction and Orientation. Line and Staff.

UNIT – III: Developing Human Resources                      12 Hours

Training and Development – Employee Training and Retraining – Assessing Training Needs and Designing Training Programmes. An Overview on Employee Orientation: Career Planning and Development: Role and Significance of Career Planning – Impact of Career Planning on Productivity.

UNIT - IV: Labour Management                                      12 Hours

Industrial Relations and Industrial Disputes. Principles and Guidelines for Effective Handling of Industrial Disputes and Industrial Relations – Standing Orders – Role and Contents of Standing Orders – Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining – Employee Health and Safety.

UNIT – V: Rewarding Human Resources                        12 Hours

Performance Appraisal – Methods and needs for Performance Appraisal – Organisation Climate and its impact on HRM. Components of Organisation Culture. Quality of Work Life – Determinants of quality of work life. Impact of QWL on Organisation Climate and Culture.

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