Business Environment


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ISBN- 978-93-5480-494-6

Authors - Dr. Iranna S. Bhustali , Dr. Sanjay S. Hanagandi


BBA 2.5:

Business Environment




Module I: Introduction Business Environment

Meaning of Business, Scope and Objectives Business, Business Environment, Micro and Macro Environment of Business (Social, Cultural, Economic, Political, Legal Technological and Natural) Impact of These Factors on Decision Making in Business, Environmental Analysis, and Competitive Structure Analysis of Business.


Module II: Government and Legal Environment

Government Functions of the State, Economic role of Government, State Intervention in Business- Reasons for and Types of State Intervention in Business. Impact of Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Exim Policy and Industrial Policy on Business. Legal Environment - Various Laws Affecting Indian Businesses


Module III: Economic Environment and Global Environment

An Overview of Economic Environment, Nature of the Economy, Structure of Economy, Factors Affecting Economic Environment. Globalisation of Business; Meaning and Dimensions, Stages, Essential Conditions of Globalisation, Foreign Market Entry Strategies, Merits and Demerits of Globalisation of Business, Impact of Globalisation on Indian Businesses, Forms of Globalisation of Businesses - MNCs, TNCs etc.


Module IV: Technological Environment

Meaning and Features; Types of Innovation, Impact of Technological Changes on Business, Technology and Society, Technological Acquisition Modes, IT Revolution and Business, Management of Technology.


Module V: Natural Environment

Meaning and Nature of Physical environment. Impact of Natural Environment on Business.


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