Programming In C


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Module 1

Basics of Computer Hardware & Software

Basics of Computer Architecture: Processor, Memory, Input& Output Devices Application Software & System Software: Compilers, Interpreters, High Level and Low Level Languages Introduction to Structured Approach to Programming, Flow ChaSrt Algorithms, Pseudo Code (Bubble Sort, Linear Search - Algorithms and Pseudocode)


Module 2

Program Basics

Basic Structure of C Program: Character Set, Tokens, Identifiers in C, Variables and Data Types , Constants, Console IO Operations, Printf and Scanf Operators and Expressions: Expressions and Arithmetic Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, Conditional Operator, Size of Operator, Assignment Operators and Bitwise Operators. Operators Precedence.


Control Flow Statements: If Statement, Switch Statement, Unconditional Branching Using goto Statement, While Loop, Do While Loop, For Loop, Break and Continue Statements.(Simple Programs Covering Control Flow).


Module 3

Arrays and Strings

Arrays Declaration and Initialization, 1-Dimensional Array, 2-Dimensional Array String Processing: In Built String Handling Functions (Strlen, Strcpy, Strcat and Strcmp, Puts, Gets) Linear Search Program, Bubble Sort Program, Simple Programs Covering Arrays and Strings


Module 4

Working with Functions

Introduction to Modular Programming, Writing Functions, Formal Parameters, Actual Parameters Pass by Value, Recursion, Arrays as Function Parameters Structure, Union, Storage Classes, Scope and Life Time of Variables, Simple Programs Using Functions


Module 5

Pointers and Files

Basics of Pointer: Declaring Pointers, Accessing Data Though Pointers, NULL Pointer,Array Access Using Pointers, Pass by Reference Effect File Operations: Open, Close, Read, Write, Append Sequential Access and Random Access to files: In Built file Hand Ling Functions (rewind() ,fseek(), ftell(), feof(), fread(), fwrite()), Simple Programs Covering Pointers and Files.

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