Psychological Perspective of Education

Psychological Perspective of Education book for lu bed 1st semester

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Buy Thakur Publication Latest and Authentic English-Medium Book of Psychological Perspective of Education for LU B.Ed. 1st Semester as per Syllabus of Lucknow University.

Dr. Rashmi Soni

ISBN - 9789387093058

Compulsory Paper-II: Psychological Perspective of Education

Unit 1: Educational Psychology and Human Development

·         Educational Psychology: Concept, Methods, Scope and its implication in classroom situation

·         Concept of Human Growth & Development.

·         Childhood- Its concept & characteristics, Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Social & Moral Development.

·         Adolescence- Its concept & characteristics, Physical, Cognitive Emotional, Social & Moral Development.

Managing individual differences in classroom situations

Unit 2: Learning

·         Learning: concept, nature, domains and factors influencing learning.

·         Behavioural approaches to learning: Pavlov’s classical conditioning, Skinner’s operant conditioning and Thorndike’s trial and error

·         educational implication.

·         Cognitive approaches to learning: Gestalt insight theory, Bruner’s discovery learning theory and Gagne’s hierarchy of learning: its principles and educational implication.

·         Difference between S-R and Cognitive theories.

Transfer of learning: concept, types, theories and role of teacher in ensuring positive transfer of learning

Unit 3: Intelligence and Creativity

·         Intelligence: Concept, meaning and its nature

·         Theories: Spearman’s two factor theory, Thurston’s group factor theory, Guilford’s model of intellect, Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence.

·         Concept of mental age and intelligence quotient, Measurement of Intelligence.

·         Creativity: concept, nature, difference between creativity and intelligence.

·         Techniques and methods of fostering creativity: brain storming, problem solving, Group discussion, play way, Quiz etc.

Unit 4: Personality and Mental Health

·         Personality: Meaning Nature and determinants of Personality

·         Approaches to personality: trait approach, type approach and trait cum type approach.

·         Assessment of Personality: observation, situational test, questionnaire, personality test and projective techniques.

·         Mental hygiene and Health: meaning, purpose, characteristic and principles of mental health.

·         Defence Mechanism: Concept and Types.

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