Corporate Accounting


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Author- Prof Sanjay K. Aggarwal

Prof. Pankaj Goel




BBA 521-18





Corporate Accounting: Meaning and Importance of Corporate Accounting, Accounting for Share Capital: Issue of Shares at Par, Discount and Premium, Forfeiture and Re-issue of Shares, Book Building. Buyback of Equity Shares, Right Issue and Bonus Shares.



Accounting for Redemption of Preference Share and Debenture: Types of Preference Shares, Types of Debentures: Different Terms of Issue of Preference Shares and Debenture, Redemption of Debentures. Basics of Underwriting of Shares.



Preparation of Financial Statements of a Company: Provisions Regarding Preparation of Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, Computation and Treatment of Managerial Remuneration, Computation and Treatment of Profit (Loss) Prior to Incorporation.



Consolidation of Accounts as per Companies Act, 2013: Holding Company, Subsidiary Companies. Pre Acquisition and Post Acquisition Profits, Minority Interest, Cost of Control or Capital Reserve, Unrealized Profit, Mutual Indebtedness, Preparation of Consolidated Balance Sheet. Corporate Financial Reporting: Requirements of Corporate Reporting; Recent trends in Financial Reporting.

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