Organisation Change And Development


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Author- Dr. Priya Sodhi

Dr. Pretty Bhalla



BBA: 532-18


Organization Change and Development



Introduction to Organizational Change and Development; Definitions & its Distinguishing Characteristics, Dynamics of Planned Change, Triggers for Change, Strategies for Implementing Organizational Change. Foundations of OD: Conceptual Framework of OD, Historical Background of OD, Values, Assumptions and Beliefs in OD, Systems Theory, Participation and Empowerment, Teams and Teamwork, Strategies of Change, Inter-Disciplinary Nature of OD.



Action Research and OD, Action Research: A Process and an Approach. Managing OD Process: Diagnosis, Nature of OD Intervention; Creating Parallel Learning Structures.


Change and its Impact: Diagnosis and Resistance to Change; Implementing Change; Strategies and Skills for Communicating Change; Consolidating Change.


Introduction to Organizational Development; Foundations of Organizational Development; Process of Organizational Development; Diagnostic Strategies and Skills; Power, Politics and Ethics in OD; Evaluating change and future of Organizational Development.



OD Interventions: An overview, Characteristics of OD Interventions. Structural Interventions, Training Experience: T-Groups, Behavioral Modeling and Career Anchors. Team Interventions, Intergroup and Third-Party Peace-Making Interventions.



Issue in Consultant-Clint Relations: Entry and Contracting, Defining the Client System, Trust, the Nature of the Consultant’s Expertise, Diagnosis and Appropriate, Interventions, Depth of Intervention, on Being Absorbed by the Cultural, the Consultant as a Model, the Consultant Team as a Microcosm, the Dependency Issue and Terminating the Relationship, Ethical standards in OD, Implications of OD for the Client. Contemporary Issues in OD. OD and Quality Movement, OD- Now and Beyond.

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