Banking Operations


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Dr. Saroj Kumar, Dr. K.M Goswami





 Unit- I

Banking System in India, Monetary Policy: Concepts & Objectives, Basic Concepts of Regulatory Environment for Commercial Bank in India and Their Provisions: RBI Act-Chapter I,II,III ; Banking Regulation Act- General Provisions, Management Control, Loan & Advances; Deposit and Insurance Act- Objectives, SARFAESI Act- Methods of Recovery of NPA’s and Money Laundering- Procedure, Laws and Guidelines for Anti-money Laundering.

 Unit- II

Operational Aspect of Commercial Banks in India, Relationship Between Banker and Customers, Types of Customer Account, Cheque & its Types, Endorsement, Dishonour, Rights and Liabilities of Paying and Collecting Banker, Time Value of Money –Calculation of Interest on Loan & Deposits, EMIs.

 Unit- III

Negotiable Instruments, Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, Rights and Liabilities of Parties, Bills Discounting and Purchasing, Ancillary Services of the Bankers. E-Banking.


Employment of Funds by Commercial Banks, Types of Securities, Mode of Creating Charge, Bank Guarantees, Basel Norms, Financial Sector Reforms in India.

LU2019/ B.Com/2/04
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