Company Accounts


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Dr. Ajay Shukla, Dr. Saroj Kumar


Paper - I: Company Accounts


Meaning and Kinds of Shares. Issue, forfeiture and Re-Issue of Forfeited Shares. Redemption of Preference Shares, Bonus Shares. Meaning and Kinds of Debentures – their Issue and Redemption.


Concept of Amalgamation and Absorption; AS 14 and Types of Amalgamation; Purchase Consideration; Accounting in the Books of Transferor of Company; Accounting in the Books of Transferee Company.


Concept of Reconstruction; Need of Reconstruction; Types of Reconstruction- Internal Reconstruction and External Reconstruction; Alteration in Share Capital; Reduction in Share Capital; Scheme of Accounting for Internal Reconstruction.


Concept of Winding-up of Companies; Preparation of Statement of Affairs and Deficiency Account; Preparation of Liquidator's Final Statement of Account.

LU2019/ B.Com/2/01
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