Remedial Biology


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Authors: Dr. K.K. Sharma & Prof. Hina Chadha

The PCI B.Pharm First semester Remedial Biology book is a comprehensive guide for students pursuing a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in India. The book covers the basic concepts of biology, with an emphasis on human anatomy and physiology.

Remedial Biology book provides students with a strong foundation in the basic principles of biology, preparing them for further studies in the field of pharmacy and a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

| As per approved syllabus of Pharmacy Council of India |

| Written by Experienced Authors |

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ISBN No. 978-93-87093-41-6

 B.Pharm., First Semester
According to the syllabus based on ‘Pharmacy Council of India’
Module-I                                                                                (7 Hours)
Living World:
i)        Definition and characters of living organisms       
ii)      Diversity in the living world
iii)    Binomial nomenclature
iv)    Five kingdoms of life and basis of classification. Salient features of Monera, Potista, Fungi, Animalia and Plantae, Virus.
Morphology of Flowering Plants: Morphology of different parts of flowering plants – Root, stem, inflorescence, flower, leaf, fruit, seed. General Anatomy of Root, stem, leaf of monocotyledons & Dicotylidones.
Module-II                                                                              (7 Hours)
Body Fluids and Circulation
i)        Composition of blood, blood groups, coagulation of blood
ii)       Composition and functions of lymph      
iii)    Human circulatory system
iv)    Structure of human heart and blood vessels
v)      Cardiac cycle, cardiac output and ECG
Digestion and Absorption
i)        Human alimentary canal and digestive glands
ii)      Role of digestive enzymes                        
iii)    Digestion, absorption and assimilation of digested food.
Breathing and Respiration
i)        Human respiratory system
ii)      Mechanism of breathing and its regulation
iii)    Exchange of gases, transport of gases and regulation of respiration
iv)    Respiratory volumes.
Module-III                                                                             (7 Hours)
Excretory Products and their Elimination:
i)        Modes of excretion
ii)      Human excretory system- structure and function
iii)    Urine formation    
iv)    Rennin angiotensin system
Neural Control and Coordination:
i)        Definition and classification of nervous system
ii)      Structure of a neuron
iii)    Generation and conduction of nerve impulse
iv)    Structure of brain and spinal cord
v)      Functions of cerebrum, cerebellum, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata

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