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PCI B.Pharm First semester book titled 'Communication Skills'  is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to effectively communicate in the pharmaceutical industry. The course covers a range of topics including verbal and non-verbal communication, listening skills, writing skills, and presentation skills.

Students will learn how to communicate with patients, healthcare professionals, and colleagues in a clear and concise manner. The course also focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential in the pharmaceutical industry.

By the end of the course, students will have the confidence and skills to communicate effectively in a professional setting, making them valuable assets to any pharmaceutical organization.

| As per approved syllabus of Pharmacy Council of India |

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ISBN: No.: 978-93-87093-03-4

B.Pharm., First Semester

According to the syllabus based on ‘Pharmacy Council of India’



Chapter-I                                                                               (7 Hours)

Communication Skills: Introduction, Definition, The Importance of Communication, The Communication Process – Source, Message, Encoding, Channel, Decoding, Receiver, Feedback, Context.

Barriers to Communication: Physiological Barriers, Physical Barriers, Cultural Barriers, Language Barriers, Gender Barriers, Interpersonal Barriers, Psychological Barriers, Emotional Barriers.

Perspectives in Communication: Introduction, Visual Perception, Language, Other Factors Affecting our Perspective - Past Experiences, Prejudices, Feelings, Environment.


Chapter-II                                                                            (07 Hours)

Elements of Communication: Introduction, Face to Face Communication - Tone of Voice, Body Language (Non-verbal Communication), Verbal Communication, Physical Communication.

Communication Styles: Introduction, The Communication Styles Matrix with Example for each - Direct Communication Style, Spirited Communication Style, Systematic Communication Style, Considerate Communication Style.

Chapter-III                                                                          (07 Hours)

Basic Listening Skills: Introduction, Self-Awareness, Active Listening, Becoming an Active Listener, Listening in Difficult Situations.

Effective Written Communication: Introduction, When and When Not to Use Written Communication - Complexity of the Topic, Amount of Discussion’ Required, Shades of Meaning, Formal Communication.

Writing Effectively: Subject Lines, Put the Main Point First, Know Your Audience, Organization of the Message.

 Chapter-IV                                                                          (05 Hours)

Interview Skills: Purpose of an interview, Do’s and Dont’s of an Interview.

Giving Presentations: Dealing with Fears, Planning your Presentation, Structuring Your Presentation, Delivering Your Presentation, Techniques of Delivery

Chapter-V                                                                            (04 Hours)

Group Discussion: Introduction, Communication Skills in Group Discussion, Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion.

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