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Mrs Veera Thakur , Mr. Vikrant Verma


Bharathiar University, BBA 3rd Third Semester
Law of Contract Contracts: Essentials of Contract - Agreements - Void - Voidable and Illegal Contracts - Express and Implied Contracts - Executed and Executory Contracts - Absolute and Contingent Contracts - Offer - Legal Rules as to Offer as to Offer and Lapse of Offer - Acceptance - and Rules as to Acceptance - To Create Legal Relation - Capacity of Parties to Create Contract .
Consideration - Legal Rules as to Consideration - Stranger to a Contract and Exceptions - Contract without Consideration - Consent - Coercion - Undue Influence – Misrepresentation - Fraud - Mistake of Law and Mistake of Fact. Legality of Object - Unlawful and Illegal Agreements - Effects of Illegality - Wagering Agreements.
Agreement Opposed to Public Policy - Agreements in Restraint of Trade - Exceptions – Void Agreements - Restitution - Quasi-Contracts - Discharge of Contract - Breach of Contract - Remedies for Breach of Contract. Formation of Contract of Sale - Sale and Agreement to Sell – Hire Purchase Agreement - Sale and Bailment.
Capacity to Buy and Sell - Subject Matter of Contract of Sale - Effect of Destruction of Goods - Documents of Title to Goods - Conditions and Warranties - Rules of Caveat - Emptor - Exceptions - Transfer of Property - Goods Sent on Approval - FOB, CIF, FOR and Ex-ship Contracts of Sale - Sale by Non-owners - Right of Lien - Termination of Lien - Right of Resale - Right of Stoppage in Transit - Unpaid Vendor's Rights.
Creation of Agency - Classification of Agents - Relations of Principal and Agent - Delegation of Authority - Relation of Principal with Third Parties - Personal Liability of Agent - Termination of Agency.
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