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Organisational Behaviour Book for MBA 1st Semester Bangalore University

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Buy Latest Organisational Behaviour Book for Mba 1st Semester in English language specially designed for BU (Bangalore University,Karnataka) By Thakur publication.

ISBN- 978-93-5480-150-1

Authors- Pro. Deepak Singh M.C , Prof. Jayanth H




1.2: Organisational Behaviour


Module 1: Nature and Principles of Management                                                                               8 Hours

Evolution of Management, Indian Contributions to Management Practices Roles and Skills of Managers, Foundations of OB, OB Models, Reasons and Benefits of Studying OB, OB is an Inter- Disciplinary Subject, Challenges and Opportunities of OB.


Module 2: Personality                                                                                                                      10 Hours

Shaping of Personality, Types of Personalities, Determinants of Personality, Personality and Work Perception, Process of Perception and Managing the Perception Process, Perception Influencing Decision Making and Ethical Issues in Decision Making from an Individual and Organisation Perspective. Learning, Explicit and Implicit Knowledge, Principles of Learning, Learning Process and Theories of Learning, Organisational Reward System. Attitudes, Changing and Work-Related Attitudes, Components and Types of Attitudes, Values and Human Dignity


Module 3: Motivation Theories                                                                                                        12 Hours

Motivation Across Cultures, Managerial Issues and Motivational Challenges, Motivation in Work Settings, Employee Involvement, Organisations are Social System Stress Management, Work Stress Model, Stress and Performance Group and Team Dynamics, Group Development, Group Decision Making, Types of Teams, Team vs Groups, Team Issues and Effective Teamwork. Leadership and Management, Theories of Leadership, Leadership Styles and Their Implications, Power and Politics, Ethics of Power and Politics.


Module 4: Communication and Conflict                                                                                             8 Hours

Organisation Communication, Methods and Tools Used in Communication, Informal Communications, Changing Views of Conflict, the Process of Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Effects of Conflicts in Organisation, Transactional Analysis, Johari Window.


Module 5: Organisational Structure and Types                                                                                12 Hours

Organisation Structure, Organisational Design and Organisations for Future Organisational Culture Creating and Sustaining a Positive Culture, Effects of Culture, Types of Culture in the Organisation

changing culture.


Module 6: Organisational Development                                                                                            10 Hours

Types of Change, Forces for Change in Organisations, Resistance to Change, Organisational Development, Human Resource Policies and Methods of OD.



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