Consumer Behaviour


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ISBN- 978-93-90460-72-4

AUTHOR- Dr. Bhavna Sharma, Dr. Jaspreet Dahiya


(Course Code: 20IMG23GM4)


Consumer Behavior and Consumer Research; Importance of Consumer Behavior; Evolution of Consumer Behavior; Methods of Studying Consumer Behavior; Customer Centric Organisations; Market Analysis; Market Segmentation, Marketing Mix Strategies; Value of Brands in Marketing Strategy; Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy; Global Marketing Strategy; Global Marketing Strategy; Global Advertising Effectiveness; Consumer Decision Process Model; Variables Affecting the Decision Process; Types of Decision Process; Factors Influencing the Extent of Problem Solving; Pre-purchase Processes; Need Recognition; Internal and External Search; Pre-purchase Evaluation.


Different Types of Purchase Situations; Retailing and the Purchase Process; Determinants of Retail Success or Failure; Point -of-Purchase Materials; Consumer Logistics; Location Based Retailing; Direct Marketing Consumption Behaviors; Consumption Experiences; Importance of Customer Satisfaction; Factors Affecting Satisfaction Level; Demographics and Consumer Behavior; Economic Resources and Consumer Behavior; Personality and Consumer Behavior; Personal Values; Lifestyle Motivational Conflict and Need Priorities; Motivational Intensity; Motivating Consumer.


Importance of Consumer Knowledge; Types of Consumer Knowledge; Sources of Consumer Knowledge; Benefits of Understanding Consumer Knowledge; Consumer Beliefs; Consumer Feelings; Consumer Attitudes; Consumer Intentions; Culture and its Effect on Consumer Behavior; Changing Values and its Effect on Consumer Behavior; Changing Values and its Effect on Marketing; Determinants of Social Class; Social Class and Consumer Behavior; Importance of Families and Households on Consumer Behavior; Role Behavior and its Influence on the Decision Process; Family Life Cycles; Changing Roles of Women; Children and Household Consumer Behavior.


Group And Personal Influences on Individuals; Reference Group and its Influence on Individuals; Transmission of Influence through Dyadic Exchanges; word of Mouth and Opinion Leaders in Advertising and Marketing Strategy; Diffusion of Innovations; Diffusion Process; Reaching the Consumer; Gaining Consumer’s Attention; Shaping Consumer’s Opinion; Opinions Change; Product’s and Advertising’s Role in Shaping Consumer Opinion; Cognitive Learning; Retrieval of Information; Company’s Role in Helping Consumers to Remember.

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