Industrial Relations and Labour Laws


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ISBN- 978-93-90972-54-8

AUTHORS- Mr. Harinder Singh Brar , Mr Vikrant Verma


BCOM 601-18

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws 


Industrial Relations- Concept, Definition and Importance, Factors Affecting Industrial Relations. Approaches to Industrial Relations, Impact of Technology on Industrial Relations. Nature of Trade Unions, Trade Union Movement in India, Benefits of Trade Unions for Workers, Problems of Trade Unions & Remedies. Quality Circles, Benefits and Problems of Quality Circles.


Concept of Collective Bargaining, Prerequisites for Collective Bargaining, the Collective Bargaining Process, Principles of Collective Bargaining, Collective Bargaining and Labour Management

Co-Operation in India, Conditions for the Success of Collective Bargaining.

Grievance Management – Causes of Grievance – Effects of Grievance, Negotiation and Collective Settlements, Grievance Redressal Procedure.


Industrial Conflicts- Meaning & Causes and Types, Strikes & Lockouts, Machinery for Resolving Industrial Disputes under Law. Meaning of Workers Participation in Management, Concepts and Objectives of Workers Participation in Management, Growth and Development of Workers Participation in Management, Types of Workers Participation in Management.


Emergence and Objectives of Labour Laws- The Industrial Relations Code-2019-An Introduction Overview of Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Payment of wages Act, Payment of Bonus Act, ESI Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Minimum Wage Act, PF Act. Workmen’s Compensation Act

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