Statistics and Business Mathematics


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Authors : Dr. Aparna Abhay Ambekar , Dr. Hitesh A Kalyani 

ISBN : 978-93-5480-805-0



2T1: Statistics and Business Mathematics


Unit-I: Statistics & Measures of Central Tendency

Meaning, Scope, Importance, Functions and Limitations of Statistics. Collection of Data, Tabulation and Classification, Frequency Distribution. Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean (Theory & Numericals)


Unit-II: Dispersion

Meaning and Significance of Dispersion, Methods of Measuring Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Quartiles, Quartile Deviation,
Co-Efficient of Variation (Theory & Numericals)


Unit-III: Skewness

Absolute Measures of Skewness, Relative Measures of Skewness, Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Skewness, Bowley’s Coefficient of Skewness. (Numericals)


Unit-IV: Business Mathematics

Percentages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit/Loss. (Numericals)


Note: Activity for Subject/Chapter Related (Workshop, Seminar, Guest Lecture, Group Discussion)

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