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Veera Thakur


University of Rajasthan - UOR, BCA, First Part (First Year) 
Max. Marks: 100
Concepts and Fundamentals: Narration, Active and Passive, Modals, Subject Verb Concord, Subordination, Coordinations, Meaning of Communication, Importance of Communication, Communication Scope, Process of Communication, Communication Models and Theories, Essentials of Good Communication – The Seven Cs of Communication, Verbal and Non-verbal Communication, Formal and Informal Communication, Barriers of Communication.
Written Communication: Objectives of Written Communication, Media of Written Communication, Merits and Demerits of Written Communication, Planning Business Messages.
Writing Letters: Business Letters, Office Memorandum, Good News and Bad News Letters, Persuasive Letters, Sales Letters, Letter Styles/Layout.
Report Writing: Meaning and Definition, Types of Report (Business Report and Academic Report), Format of Report, Drafting the Report, Layout of the Report, Essential Requirement of Good Report Writing.
Language Skills: Improving Command in English, Choice of Words, Common Problems with Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Prefix, Suffix, etc.
Oral Communication: Principles of Effective Oral Communication, Media of Oral Communication, Advantages of Oral Communication, Disadvantages of Oral Communication, Styles of Oral Communication.
Interviews: Meaning and Purpose, Art of Interviewing, Types of Interview, Interview Styles, Essential Features, Structure, Guidelines for Interviewer, Guidelines for Interviewee.
Arts of Listening: Good Listening for Improved Communication, Art of Listening, Meaning, Nature and Importance of Listening, Principles of Good Listening, Barriers in Listening.
Job Application: Types of Application, Form and Content of an Application, Drafting the Application, Preparation of Resume.
Project Presentations: Advantages and Disadvantages, Executive Summary, Charts, Distribution of Time (Presentation, Questions and Answer, Summing Up), Visual Presentation, Guidelines for Using Visual Aids, Electronic Media (PowerPoint Presentation).
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