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ISBN- 978-93-5480-091-7

Authors- Dr. Saroj Kumar, Sumit Kumar Srivastava


                                                             Paper-3 (B): F010103T

 Computer Applications




Computer: An Introduction, Computers in Business. Elements of Computer system, Indian Computing Environment, Management of Data Processing Systems in Business Organisations, Programs Development Cycle, Flowcharting, Input Output Analysis, Programming Concept, Software Development Process.           [Lecture-8]


Components of a Computer System, Generation of Computer and Computer Languages, Personal Computers in Business, PC-Software Packages, An Introduction to Disk Operating System and Windows, GUI, Other System Software.                                                                               [Lecture-7]


Text Processing, Software, Introduction to Spreadsheet Software, Creation of Spreadsheet Application, Range, Formulas, Function Database Functions in Spreadsheet, Graphics on Spreadsheet, Modes of Data Processing, Report Generation, Presentation Graphics, Creating a Presentation. [Lecture-7]


Computer Software System, Software Development Process, Files Design and Report Design, Data Files Types, Master and Transaction File. Data Hierarchy; Data File Structure, Use of Files in Programming. Relevance of Database Management System, Database Manager, Data Communication, Networking, LAN; WAN, Real-Time Sharing, Online and Offline Processing.                                [Lecture-8]


UP State2021/BBA/1/06
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