Business Ethics And Governance


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ISBN- 978-93-5480-116-7

Authors- Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Prof. Rajlumar Teotia


                                                      Paper-3 (A): F010103T

                                          Business Ethics and Governance




Introduction: Concept and Nature of Ethics; Ethics, Values and Behaviour; Development of Ethics, Relevance of Ethics and Values in Business, Arguments against Business Ethics. [Lecture-6]


Work-Life in Indian Philosophy: Indian Ethos for Work-Life, Indian Values for the Work-Place, Work-Life Balance, Ethos of Vedanta in Management, Hierarchism as an Organisational Value.             [Lecture-8]


Relationship between Ethics and Corporate Excellence, Corporate Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, Organisational Culture, TQM. Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management, Philosophy of Trusteeship, Gandhiji’s Seven Greatest Social Sins, Concept of Knowledge Management and Wisdom Management.                                                                                               [Lecture-8]


Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Responsibility of Business with Respect to Different Stakeholders, Arguments for and Against Social Responsibility of Business, Social Audit.   [Lecture-8]

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