Engineering Physics B

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Module 1

Oscillations and Waves

Harmonic oscillations, Damped harmonic motion-Derivation of differential equation and its solution, Over damped, Critically damped and Under damped Cases, Quality factor-Expression, Forced oscillations-Differential Equation-Derivation of expressions for amplitude and phase of forced oscillations, Amplitude Resonance-Expression for Resonant frequency, Quality factor and Sharpness of Resonance, Electrical analogy of mechanical oscillators Wave motion- Derivation of one dimensional wave equation and its solution, Three dimensional wave equation and its solution (no derivation), Distinction between transverse and longitudinal waves, Transverse vibration in a stretched string, Statement of laws of vibration


Module 2

Wave Optics

Interference of light-Principle of superposition of waves, Theory of thin films - Cosine law (Reflected system), Derivation of the conditions of constructive and destructive Interference, Interference due to wedge shaped films -Determination of thickness and test for optical planeness, Newton’s rings - Measurement of wavelength and refractive index, Antireflection coatings Diffraction of light, Fresnel and Fraunhofer classes of diffraction, Diffraction grating-Grating equation, Rayleigh criterion for limit of resolution, Resolving and Dispersive power of a grating with expression (no derivation)


Module 3

Quantum Mechanics & Nanotechnology

Introduction for the need of Quantum mechanics, Wave nature of Particles, Uncertainty principle, Applications-Absence of electrons inside a nucleus and Natural line broadening Mechanism, Formulation of time dependent and independent Schrodinger wave equations-Physical Meaning of wave function, Particle in a one dimensional box- Derivation for normalised wave function and energy eigen values, Quantum Mechanical Tunnelling (Qualitative) Introduction to nanoscience and technology, Increase in surface to volume ratio for nanomaterials, Quantum confinement in one dimension, two dimension and three dimension-Nano sheets, Nano wires and Quantum dots, Properties of nanomaterials-mechanical, electrical and optical, Applications of nanotechnology (qualitative ideas)


Module 4

Acoustics & Ultrasonics

Acoustics, Classification of sound-Musical sound-Noise, Characteristics of Musical Sounds-Pitch or frequency-Loudness or Intensity-Measurement of Intensity level-Decibel-Quality or timbre, Absorption coefficient, Reverberation-Reverberation time-Significance- Sabine’s formula (no derivation), Factors affecting architectural acoustics and their remedies Ultrasonics-Production- Magnetostriction effect and Piezoelectric effect, Magnetostriction oscillator and Piezoelectric oscillator –Working, Detection of ultrasonic waves - Thermal and Piezoelectric methods, Ultrasonic diffractometer- Expression for the velocity of ultrasonic waves in a liquid , Applications of ultrasonic waves -SONAR,NDT and Medical


Module 5

Laser and Fibre optics

Properties of laser, Absorption and emission of radiation, Spontaneous and stimulated emission, Einstein’s coefficients (no derivation), Population inversion, Metastable states, basic components of laser, Active medium, Pumping mechanism, Optical resonant cavity, working principle, Construction and working of Ruby laser and Helium neon laser ,Construction and working of semiconductor laser(Qualitative) ,Applications of laser, Holography, Difference between hologram and photograph, Recording of hologram and reconstruction of image, Applications Optic fibre-Principle of propagation of light, Types of fibres-Step index and Graded index fibres, Numerical aperture –Derivation, Fibre optic communication system (block diagram), Industrial, Medical and Technological applications, Fibre optic sensors-Intensity Modulated and Phase modulated sensors.


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