Language Across The Curriculum


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ISBN- 978-93-86488-86-2

AUTHORS- Dr. Surbala Paikaray, Dr. Renu Sohta, Dr. Jaswinder Kaur



Introduction to Language across the Curriculum Approach

·         Meaning, need and benefits of LAC Approach

·         Respective roles of Content Subject Teachers and Language Teachers in LAC Approach

·         Language learning & Learning through Language General Classroom Language 

·         Functions of Language in Classroom Learning

Language Acquisition and Language Learning

·         Nature of Multilingualism: Differential Status of Indian Language Classroom

·         Multi-Cultural Awareness & Language Diversity

·         Relationship between Language and society: Identity, Power and Discrimination

·         Multilingualism as a Resource & a Strategy

Language Discourse in the Classroom

·         General Classroom Language

·         Classroom Instructions and Language Learning

·         Use of Literature across the curriculum 

·         Role of Questioning & Discussions in the classroom


Listening and Speaking as Essential Communicative Skills

·         Processing and Enquiring Information

·         Listening and Speaking to Interact: dialogue, storytelling, poem, 

·         Recitation, Short play

·         Respond to Style, Tone and Registers of language

Reading to Learn and Understand

·         Scanning, Skimming and Extracting relevant information from the books 

·         Understand the meaning in reference to context

·         Schema Theory; Text structures, & reading in content areas 

Writing to Learn and Understand  

·         Linkages between reading & Writing

·         Learn to write reports, reviews, essays, notices, letters and creative writings 

Presentations of selected papers, questions and answers 

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