Principles And Practice Of Insurance


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ISBN- 978-93-90570-22-5

AUTHORS- Dr. Jaya Tripathi Pandey ,  Dr. Saroj Kumar



Unit–I: Introduction, Purpose and Need of Insurance, Insurance as a Social Security Tool; Insurance and Economic Development, Theories of Insurance, Principles of Insurance Contract, Risk, Double Insurance, Over Insurance, Under Insurance, Re-Insurance.

Unit–II: Life Insurance – Principles and Practice; Life Insurance Contracts; Nature and Characteristics, Types of Life Insurance Policies, Terms & Conditions of the Policy, Nomination and Assignment of Policies, Computation of Premium, Annuity Payments, Mortality Table.

Unit–III: Fire Insurance – The Basic Principles of Fire Insurance Contracts, Fire Policy; Conditions, Assignment, Claims.

Unit–IV: Marine Insurance – General Principles, Conditions and Warranties in Marine Insurance Policy, Types of Marine Insurance Policies; Assignment of Policy, Loss and Abandonment, Marine Losses.

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