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Business Analytics Book for MBA 2nd Semester Anna University

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Buy Latest Business Analytics Book for Mba 2nd Semester in English language specially designed for ( Anna University,  Tamil Nadu) By Thakur publication.

ISBN - 978-93-5480-447-2

Authors - Dr. K. Soundararajan , Dr. Kadhirvel Ramasamy 


BA4206: Business Analytics

Unit I: Introduction to Business Analytics (BA)                                                                            9

Business Analytics - Terminologies, Process, Importance, Relationship with Organisational Decision Making, BA for Competitive Advantage.

Unit II: Managing Resources for Business Analytics                                                                   9

Managing BA Personnel, Data and Technology. Organisational Structures Aligning BA. Managing Information Policy, Data Quality and Change in BA.

Unit III: Descriptive Analytics                                                                                                          9

Introduction to Descriptive analytics - Visualising and Exploring Data - Descriptive Statistics Sampling and Estimation - Probability Distribution for Descriptive Analytics - Analysis of Descriptive Analytics

Unit IV: Predictive Analytics                                                                                                             9

Introduction to Predictive Analytics - Logic and Data Driven Models - Predictive Analysis Modeling and Procedure - Data Mining for Predictive Analytics. Analysis of Predictive Analytics

Unit V: Prescriptive Analytics                                                                                                           9

Introduction to Prescriptive Analytics - Prescriptive Modelling - Non Linear Optimisation - Demonstrating Business Performance Improvement.

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