Business Law


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Dr. Reeta V. Sontakay & Dr. Shivani O. Katakwar

ISBN - 9789386488466

B.Com, Third Semester –  According to the new Syllabus of ‘Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University’






1)       Business law: Meaning, evolution and significance.

2)       Law relating to Contract – (Indian Contract Act-1872): important definitions, nature and kinds of contract, essentials of a valid contract, offer and acceptance, consideration, capacities of parties to contract, free consent.

3)       Void Agreement, Contingent Contract, Quasi Contract.

4)       Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee, Law of Agency.



1)       Law relating to Sale of Goods- (Sale of Goods Act- 1930): contract of sale of goods, Essentials of a contract of sale, concept of goods, sale distinguished from agreement to sell, difference between conditions and warranties; transfer of ownership and delivery of goods, unpaid seller - his rights against the goods and the buyer.

2)       Law relating to Partnership- (the Indian partnership act 1932): concept of partnership and partnership firm, types of partner, types of partnership.

3)       Registration of partnership firm, effect of non-registration, partnership deed, duties and liabilities of partners including those of newly admitted partners, dissolution of partnership firms.



1)       Law relating to Negotiable Instruments -(Negotiable Instrument Act-1881): Meaning and Definition of Negotiable instruments, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange and its Types, Cheques and Its types, Crossing of Cheques.

2)       Endorsements: Meaning and Types, Holder and Holder in due course and its rights, Discharge of Negotiable Instruments.

3)       Parties to a Negotiable Instrument - duties, rights, and liabilities.

4)       Prevention of Money Laundering Act-2002: Objectives, Important Definitions and Salient Features.



1)       Law relating to Consumer protection in India - (Consumer Protection Act-1986): Definition of Consumer, Importance of Consumer, Problems faced by Consumers, Consumer Protection- Need & Importance, Rights & Responsibilities of Consumer.

2)       Definitions: Complaints, Services, Defects & Deficiency, Relief available to consumer, Procedure to file complaints, ways and means of consumer protection, consumer dispute redresser agencies and procedure followed by redresser agencies.

3)       Law Relating to Information Technology- (Information Technology Act-2000): Objectives, scope and Important Terms, Digital Signature & Electronic Records, Certifying Authority, Digital Signature Certificates, offense and Penalties.

4)       Cyber Law: Meaning, Important Definitions, Features, Need and Importance of cyber Law inIndia.

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