( Physics ) Oscillations and Waves B.SC Second Sem Bihar

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( Physics ) Oscillations and Waves B.SC Second Sem Bihar

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AUTHORS: Dr. Avinash Kumar 

ISBN : 9789357554190



Oscillations and Waves

Major Course II (MJC-2)


Unit 1: Basics of Oscillations                                                                        01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Idea of S.H.M., its differential equation and solutions. Energy in S.H.M, Two body oscillation, coupled Pendulum: Normal modes of vibration, Compound Pendulum, Free, Damped and Forced Oscillations, Transient and steady states, Electrical Oscillations Resonance: Sharpness of Resonance and Quality factor.


Unit II: Superposition of Oscillations                                                         01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Addition of two S.H.Ms: Concept of Lissajou Figure, its Geometrical Composition and Application, Stationary waves as combination of oscillations (Waves in a linear bounded medium), Vibration of string and Sonometer.


Unit III: Wave Motion                                                                                    01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Wave front, Equation of Wave Motion, Superposition of two Harmonic waves: Interference, Beats and combination of tones, pressure, energy and intensity in wave propagation, musical instruments.


Unit IV: Sound Waves                                                                                     01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Sound wave: Propagation and speed of sound (Accoustic) waves in media, speed in air: Newton’s formula and Laplace Correction. Characteristics of Musical sounds and their analysis, Musical scale and consonance. Sound recording and reproduction, Acoustic of Buildings.





MIC-II (T)-2: Minor Course II (MIC-2)


Unit 1:                                                                                                                 01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Idea of S.H.M. Free, Damped and Forced Oscillation, Superposition of two collinear and Perpendicular Simple Harmonic motion, Concept of Lissajou Figure and Stationary Waves.


Unit-II:                                                                                                                01 Credit (15 Hrs)

Waves Characteristic of Wave Motion, Sound Wave, Equation of Plane Progressive Waves, Speed of sound (Newton’s and Laplace Formula). Energy Transport and Intensity of Waves.








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