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Dr. Akash Saxena and Dr. Navneet Sharma
University of Rajasthan - UOR, BCA, Part II
Necessity of Operating System: Operating System Terminology, Evolution of Operating Systems (multiprogramming systems, batch systems, Timesharing System, Process Control and Real-time system). Factors in OS Design (Performance Protection and Security, Correctness, Maintainability Application Integration, Portability, and Interoperability).
Device Management: General Device Characteristics, I/O Programming Concepts, Device Controllers, Device Drivers Interrupts Driven I/O Memory Mapped I/O, Direct Memory Access Buffering, Device Management Scenarios (Serial Communications, Sequentially Accessed Storage Devices, Randomly Accessed devices).
Process Management: Process Definition, Process Control, Initialising Operating System, Process Address Spaces Process Abstraction, Resource Abstraction and Process Hierarchy. Scheduling Mechanisms, Partitioning a Process into Small Processes Non-preemptive Strategies (first come-first served, shortest job next, Priority Scheduling Deadline Scheduling), Preemptive Strategies (Round Robin, two quesues, multiple level queues).
Basic Synchronisation Principles: Interactive Processes Coordinating Processes, Semaphores, Shared Memory Multiprocessors, AND Synchronisation, Inter Process Communication, Inter process Messages, Mailboxes.
Deadlocks, Resource Status Modeling Handling Deadlocks, Deadlock Detection and Resolution Deadlock Avoidance.
Memory Management: Requirements on the Primary Memory, Mapping the address space to primary memory, dynamic memory for data Structures, Memory allocation (Fixed partition Memory allocation strategy), Dynamic Address Relocation, Memory Manger Strategies (Swapping, Virtual Memory, Shared Memory Multiprocessors). Virtual Memory: Address Translation Paging, Static and Dynamic Paging Algorithms.
Information Management: Files (Low level Files, Structured files, Database management systems, multimedia storage). Low Level File Implementation. Storage Abstraction (Structure Sequential Files, Indexed sequential files, Database Management Systems, Multimedia documents). Memory Mapped files, Directories, directory implementation, File Sharing Information Across Network Remote Viruses andWorms, Security Design Principles, Authentications, Protection Mechanisms, Encryption, Protection of User Files.
Distributed Computing: Distributed Process Management, Message Passing, Remote Procedure Call, Distributed Memory Management, Security in Distributed Environment, Introduction of Parallel Processing.
Protection an Security goals, Domain of Protections, Security Problems, Authentication, System Threats, Encryptions, Introduction of Different Operating Systems (Linux, Unix, Windows Server).
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