Banking Services Management


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AUTHOR- Prof. Sandeep Kumar Chopra



BCOP 521-18

Banking Services Management



Bank: Definition, Importance and Functions. Indian Banking System; Structure and Organization and Services Provided by Banks: Commercial Banks; Regional Rural Banks; Co-Operative Banks. Functions of a Bank in an Economic Development.



The Reserve Bank of India: Management and Structure, Functions of RBI, Monetary Policies and Techniques of Credit Control. Reforms in Indian Banking: Overview, Recommendations of Narasimham Committee, Verma Panel Report, Basel II Norms, Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Revised NPA Norms- Grievance Mechanism and Banking Ombudsman, Impact of Reforms.



Emerging Trends in Banking: Concept of E-Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Fund Transfer- (RTGS & NEFT) Core Banking Wholesale and Retail Banking, Universal and Narrow Banking, Off-Shore Banking. Assets Classification, RBI Guidelines on Internet Banking, Challenges Faced by Indian Banking, Cheque Truncation System.



Interest Rate Risk Management in Banks, Credit Risk, Liquidity Management, Operational Risk Management in Banks, Market Risk Management in Banks, Capital Adequacy of Banks, Issues in Bank Management, Investment Banking and Other Services. Analysis of Bank Statements– Analysis of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account – Financial Performance Analysis with Ratios.


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