Organisation Behaviour


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AUTHORS : Dr. Rvijeet Singh , Mr. Vikrant Verma 

ISBN : 978-93-5755-100-7



BCA-203: Organization Behavior


Unit I

Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour: Nature, Scope, Definition and Goals of organizational Behaviour; Fundamental Concepts of Organizational Behaviour; Models of Organizational Behaviour; Emerging aspects of Organizational Behaviour: Meaning Cultural Diversity, Managing the Perception Process


Unit II 

Perception, Attitude, Values and Motivation: Concept, Nature, Process, Importance, Management Behavioural aspect of Perception. Effects of employee attitudes; Personal and Organizational Values; Job Satisfaction; Nature and Importance of Motivation; Achievement Motive; Theories of Work Motivation: Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory McGregcrs’s Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’



Unit III

Personality: Definition of Personality, Determinants of Personality; Theories of Personality- Trait and Type Theories, The Big Five Traites, Mytes-Briggs Indicator; Locus of Control, SType A and Type B Assessment of Personality


Unit IV

Work Stress: Meaning and definition of Stress, Symptoms of Stress; Sources of Stress: Individual Level, Group Level, Organizational Level; Stressors, Extra Organizational Stressors; Effect of Stress - Burnouts; Stress Management - Individual Strategies, Organizational Strategies; Employee Counselling


Unit V 

Group Behaviour and Leadership: Nature of Group, Types of Groups; Nature and Characteristics of team; Team Building, Effective Teamwork; Nature of Leadership, Leadership Styles; Traits of Effective Leaders


Unit VI

Conflict in Organizations: Nature of Conflict, Process of Conflict; Levels of Conflict - Intrapersonal, Interpersonal; Sources of Conflict; Effect of Conflict; Conflict Resolution, Meaning and types of Grievances & Process of Grievances Handling.






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