Managerial Economics


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ISBN- 978-93-90570-70-6

AUTHORS- Dr. Saroj Kumar



CC 103

Unit 1 : a) Theory

Introduction to Managerial Economics

Meaning, Features and Scope of Managerial Economics – Types and Determinants of Demand – Law of Demand –Elasticity of Demand –Price, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand – Concept and Methods of Demand Forecasting.

10 Hours


            b) Practical

Numerical Problems on Elasticity and Case Studies.

5 Hours

Unit 2: a) Theory

Production, Cost and Revenue Analysis

Nature and Features of Production Function – Cobb Douglas Production Function and its Features – Law of Variable Proportion and Returns to Scale – Least Cost Factor Combination – Cost Concepts and its Types – Short Run and Long Run Cost Curves – Revenue Curves under Different Market Structure.

10 Hours


Numerical Problems on Production, Costs and Revenue. Decision Making Problems. Drafting Costs Curves under Different Markets and Economic Circumstances.

5 Hours

Unit 3: a) Theory

Market Structure and Pricing Practices

Classification of Market Structure – Price and Output determination under Monopolistic Competition – Characteristics of Oligopoly – Kinked Demand Curve – Price Leadership - Pricing Practices: Cost Plus Pricing-Multi Product Pricing – Dumping.

10 Hours

            b) Practical

Numerical Problems on Price Output Determinations, Pricing. Diagrams of Price and Output Determinations Under Different Market Structures. Case Studies.

5 Hours


Unit 4 : a) Theory

Capital Budgeting Business Cycles and Asymmetric Information

Concept and Significance of Capital Budgeting – Methods of Capital Budgeting: NPV – IRR – ARR Concept and Phrases of Business Cycle: Hicks Theory – Schumpeter’s Theory.

Asymmetric Information: Moral Hazards and Adverse Selection

10 Hours

            b) Practical

Numerical Problems on Capital Budgeting. Diagrams on Business Cycle. Case Studies.

5 Hours

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