Technology & Operational Strategy


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ISBN- 978-93-5480-244-7

AUTHORS- Dr. Saroj Kumar, Mrs. Priyanka Singh


Code: 20MBA302

Technology & Operational Strategy


Module 1: Introduction to Production and Operation Management (POM)                               7 Hours

Introduction Operations Management: Meaning, Definition, Scope and Functions. Difference Between Production and Operations Management. Management Guru’s and their Contribution. The Roles and Functions of Operations Manager. Industry 4.0; Productions and Operations Management in Indian Context.

Module 2:  Process Management Mapping                                                                                   9 Hours

Process Mapping, Process Flow Charts, Ishikawa Diagrams, Fishbone Diagram and Cause and Effect Relationship, 5M, 8P, and 4S Systems, Theory Z Approach.

Module 3: Lean Manufacturing                                                                                                     9 Hours

Concept of Lean Manufacturing; Meaning of Lean Manufacturing; History of Lean Operations, Types of Waste, “5S” Technique of Eliminating the Waste, Lean Operations in the Service Sector, Role of Leadership, Lean Operations and Just In Time(JIT).

Module 4: Production System                                                                                                        9 Hours

Production System: Meaning, Types- Batch and Continuous Production, TPS: Introduction, Overview of Toyota Production Systems – Focused Areas, Techniques: 5S, JIT, JIDOKA, KANBAN, KAIZEN, POKAYOKE, Toyota Production Systems.

Module 5: Total Quality Management (TQM)                                                                              9 Hours

Evolution of Quality; Concept, Meaning and Features of TQM, Eight Building Blocks of TQM; TQM Tools. Benchmarking: Concepts, Meaning, Benefits, Elements, Reasons for Benchmarking, Process of Benchmarking, FMEA; Quality Function Deployment (QFD) – House of Quality, QFD Process, Benefits, Taguchi Quality Loss Function, Quality Circles. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – Concept and Need.

Module 6: Quality Systems                                                                                                            7 Hours

ISO: ISO Role; Functions of ISO, Quality System Family Series ISO 9000; ISO 14000; ISO21000. Six Sigma: Features of Six Sigma, Goals of Six Sigma, DMAIC, Six Sigma Implementation.

Supply Chain and Operations: Supply Chain “KEIRETSU”, Core Competency, Relationship of Operations and Supply Chain; Relationship of Purchasing and Supply Chain; Sources, Service Quality and Supply Chain.

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