Export Management


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Bhanu Prakash Verma, Naina Agarwal

MBA Bharathiar University, Third Semester



Export – Meaning – Scope – Functions – Role of Export in Economic Development – Planning for Export – Market Analysis: Market Intelligence and Market Research – Market Selection and Entry Strategies for Export.
Legal Aspects of Export Trade: International Law: Private Law – Transport Contracts – Payment and Credit – Settlement of Disputes – Indian Laws: EXIM Policy – Law Relating to Packaging – Pricing – Advertising – Distribution.
Export Financing: Methods and Sources of Export Finance – Terms of Payment for Export – Letter of Credit – Institutional Aid for Export Financing: RBI, EXIM Bank, ECGC – Commercial Banks. Export Pricing: Factors influencing Export Price – Forms of Pricing – Pricing Approaches – Transfer Pricing – Dumping – International Price Quotation – Incoterms.
India’s Export Performance – Problems in Export Trade – Export Promotion – Need-Export Promotion in India:  Institutional Support for Export Promotion – Export Promotion Incentives – EPZ and FTZ, 100% EOU, Export Houses, Trading Houses – Star Trading Houses – Project and Consultancy Export.
Export Procedure and Documentation: Export Order Execution – Product Preparation – Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection – Packaging – Freight Forwarders – Cargo Insurance – Customs Clearances – Documentation Procedure and Clearing Export Bills. Import Procedure: Import Licensing – Replenishment License – Advance Import License – Passbook Scheme – Import of Capital Goods.
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