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Dr. Rahul Mehrotra and Dr. Divya Agarwal

BBA UP Unified Syllabus (UP State Universities), Sixth Semester
BBA-N 605: Auditing
Unit I
Introduction – Meaning and Objectives of Auditing, Types of Audit, Internal Audit, Audit Programme, Audit Notebook, Routine Checking and Test Checking.
Unit II
Internal Check System – Internal Control, Audit Procedure – Vouching Verification of Assets and Liabilities.
Unit III
Audit of Limited Companies – Company Auditor – Appointment, Powers, Duties and Liabilities. Auditor’s Report and Audit Certificate.
Unit IV
Special Audit, Audit of Banking Companies, Audit of Insurance Companies, Audits of Educational Institutions, Audit of Cooperative Societies, Efficiency Audit, Social Audit, etc.
Unit V
Recent Trends in Auditing – Nature and Significance of Cost Audit, Tax Audit, Management Audit.


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