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ISBN- 978-93-87483-30-9

Dr. B. Sankaran, Dr. N. Manicka Mahesh and Dr. N. Kannan

MBA, Second Semester,  Anna University Chennai 
Unit-I: Foundations of Finance                                                                                                    (9)
Financial Management – An Overview – Time Value of Money – Introduction to the Concept of Risk and Return of a Single Asset and of a Portfolio – Valuation of Bonds and Shares – Option valuation.
Unit-II: Investment Decisions                                                                                                      (9)
Capital Budgeting: Principles and Techniques - Nature of Capital Budgeting – Identifying Relevant Cashflows – Evaluation Techniques: Payback, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Profitability Index – Comparison of DCF Techniques – Project Selection under Capital Rationing – Inflation and Capital Budgeting – Concept and Measurement of Cost of Capital – Specific Cost and Overall Cost of Capital.
Unit-III: Financing and Dividend Decision                                                                              (9)
Financial and Operating Leverage – Capital Structure – Cost of Capital and Valuation – Designing Capital Structure. Dividend Policy – Aspects of Dividend Policy – Practical Consideration – Forms of Dividend Policy – Forms of Dividends – Share Splits.
Unit-IV: Working Capital Management                                                                                     (9)
Principles of Working Capital: Concepts, Needs, Determinants, Issues and Estimation of Working Capital – Accounts Receivables Management and Factoring – Inventory Management – Cash Management – Working Capital Finance: Trade Credit, Bank Finance and Commercial Paper.
Unit-V: Long-Term Sources of Finance                                                                                     (9)
Indian Capital and Stock Market, New Issues Market, Long-term Finance: Shares, Debentures and Term Loans, Lease, Hire Purchase, Venture Capital Financing, Private Equity.
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