Applied Operations Research


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 Dr. Saroj Kumar & Dileep Singh

MBA, Second Semester,AnnaUniversityChennai 
Unit-I: Introduction to Linear Programming (LP)                                                                            (12)
Introduction to Applications of Operations Research in Functional Areas of Management. Linear Programming-Formulation, Solution by Graphical and Simplex Methods (Primal - Penalty, Two Phase), Special Cases. Dual Simplex Method. Principles of Duality. Sensitivity Analysis.
Unit-II: Linear Programming Extensions                                                                                         (12)
Transportation Models (Minimising and Maximising Problems) – Balanced and Unbalanced Problems – Initial Basic Feasible Solution by N-W Corner Rule, Least Cost and Vogel’s Approximation Methods. Check for Optimality. Solution by MODI/Stepping Stone Method. Case of Degeneracy. Transhipment Models. Assignment Models (Minimising and Maximising Problems) – Balanced and Unbalanced Problems. Solution by Hungarian and Branch and Bound Algorithms. Travelling Salesman Problem. Crew Assignment Models.
Unit-III: Integer Programming and Game Theory                                                                          (12)
Solution to Pure and Mixed Integer Programming Problem by Branch and Bound and Cutting Plane Algorithms. Game Theory-Two Person Zero Sum Games-Saddle Point, Dominance Rule, Convex Linear Combination (Averages), Methods of Matrices, Graphical and LP Solutions.
UNIT-IV: Inventory Models, Simulation and Decision Theory                                                    (12)
Inventory Models – EOQ and EBQ Models (With and Without Shortages), Quantity Discount Models. Decision Making Under Risk – Decision Trees – Decision Making under Uncertainty. Monte-Carlo Simulation.
Unit-V: Queuing Theory and Replacement Models                                                                       (12)
Queuing Theory - Single and Multi-Channel Models – Infinite Number of Customers and Infinite Calling Source. Replacement Models-Individuals Replacement Models (With and without Time Value of Money) – Group Replacement Models.

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