Business Environment


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ISBN No.- 978-93-90031-39-9

Author Name- Dr. Puneet Mishra & Dr. Anjali Chowdhary 

BBA UP Unified Syllabus (UP State Universities), Second Semester
Unit I
Concept, Significance, Components of Business Environment, Factor Affecting Business Environment, Social Responsibilities of Business.
Unit II
Economic Systems – Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Mixed Economy – Public Sector and Private Sector.
Unit III
Industrial Policy – Its Historical Perspective (In brief); Socioeconomic Implications of Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization.
Unit IV
Role of Government in Regulation and Development of Business; Monetary and Fiscal Policy; EXIM Policy, FEMA.
Unit V
Overview of International Business Environment, Trends in World Trade – WTO – Objectives and Role in International Trade.

BBA/Up Unified/2020/2nd Sem/01

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