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Dr. Harpreet Singh & Harneet

ISBN – 9789351638568

Punjab Technical University – PTU B.Com Second Semester
(BCOP 204)
UNIT-I                                                                                (12 Hrs.)
Introduction: Definition, Scope, Functions and Limitations of Statistics; Statistical Data: Meaning and Types, Collection, Classification and Presentation of Data.
UNIT II                                                                               (12 Hrs.)
Analysis of Data: Construction of a Frequency Distribution; Concept of Central Tendency, Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean.
Dispersion: Measures of Dispersion, Lorenz Curve; Moments; Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis.
UNIT-III                                                                             (12 Hrs.)
Correlation: Types of Correlation, Measurement of Correlation (Karl Pearson’s and Rank Correlation Method).
Simple Regression: Meaning and Regression Equations. Relationship between Correlation and Regression.
UNIT-IV                                                                             (12 Hrs.)
Analysis of Time Series: Components of a Time Series. Importance of Time Series, Methods of Measurement of Trend, Semi Average Method, Moving Average Method and Method of Least Square.
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