Marketing Strategy


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ISBN - 978-93-90570-18-8

Authors - Dr. Shivaji Mundhe , Prof. Amar Nath Gupta , Prof. Pankaj B. Desai 


404 MKT: Marketing Strategy

Unit 1

Basics of Marketing Strategy:

Introduction to Marketing Strategy & Tactics, Components & Hierarchy, Integrating Marketing Strategy with the Firm’s Other Strategies & Resources, Discovering Market Opportunities: Marketing Strategy – Market Opportunity Analysis, Process of Identification, Formulation, Implementation & Control, Marketing Plan - Blueprint, Marketing Audit                                                           [7+2]

Unit 2

Measuring Market Opportunities:

Market Forecasting: Introduction, Purpose, Techniques Forecasting Based on Current Demand: Market Build up Method, Chain Ratios, Market Factor Index Method Forecasting Based on Past Demand: Time Series Analysis, Trend Analysis, Leading Indicators Forecasting Through Experimentation: Concept Testing, Test Marketing Forecasting Through Intentions & Expert Opinion: Buyers Intentions, Sales Force Opinion, Trade Opinion, Expert Opinion, Delphi Method, Bootstrapping, Cross Impact Analysis Market Knowledge Systems: Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Databases, Marketing Data Touch Points-Significance & Application                                                 [7+2]

Unit 3

Targeting Attractive Market Segments & Positioning:

Choosing Attractive Market Segments – Segment Synergies, Segment Invasion Strategy, Factors Influencing Choice of Targeting, A Five Step Process Different Targeting Strategies: Mass Market, Niche Market, Growth Market, Differentiation Based on Product, Image, Channel, Personnel & Services Positioning Process: Identifying Relevant Competitors, Identifying Determinant Attributes, Collecting Information on Perceptions of Products [7+2]

Unit 4

Marketing Strategies for New Economy:

Market Specific Strategies: Strategies for New Entrants, Strategies for Growth Market, Strategies for Mature Market, Strategies for Declining Market, Organisational Specific Marketing Strategies: Marketing Strategies for Leaders, Challengers, Followers, Niche Competitive Strategies: Introduction to Competitive Edge, USP, Integration, Focus, Differentiation, Retrenchment strategies                                                                                          [7+2]

Unit 5

Marketing Metrics for Marketing Performance:

Gap Identification & Bridging Tools: Strategic Gap Planning Model, BCG Matrix,Family Portfolio Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, Ansoff Matrix, Market Profitability Analysis Designing Marketing Metrics - Process: Setting Standards of Performance, Specifying & Obtaining Feedback Data, Evaluating Feedback Data, Taking Corrective Actions, Organizational Issues.Strategic Wear-out                                                                                             [7+2]

(Note: Relevant Cases to be Discussed for the above Units)

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